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Thank You Cards

If you don’t have a stack of these in your desk, you are seriously dropping the ball.  Thank You cards are an effective way to express gratitude and leave a positive impression with friends, family and colleagues.

Most people understand you should send a thank you card after a job interview, although surprisingly some don’t.   One buddy used to adamantly argue that a thank you email was enough.  He was also unemployed for more than a year (not that I’m blaming it on not sending thank you cards).  However, if two identical candidates applied for a job, interviewed well and one sent a thank you card while the other didn’t – who would you hire?

Why Sending An Email Isn’t Enough

It’s lazy for starters.  Besides, a lot of people get between 100-150 emails a day.  Who needs one more?  Especially if it’s sandwiched between annoying emails from a colleague in Asia or a last-minute request from your boss.  The note can get lost in the email shuffle, which lessens the impact.

Real Life Example

Last week, as part of a continuing education initiative program at my company, I attended two one-hour sessions on accounting and budgeting.  Four people presented in total ranging from VP’s to Directors.  A woman from HR organized the work shop.

All five got thank you cards last Friday.  Yesterday, I passed the Director of Finance who said this:

“Hey, thanks for the card.  That was really nice and completely unexpected.”

That’s because I doubt anyone else sent one.  Now If I ever mess up an accrual estimate or need a favor, this guy is 10x more likely to help me out.  As for the presenters that don’t know me, they will certainly have a favorable impression should we cross paths again.

Finally, send thank you cards right away.  While it’s still better than not sending one at all, a bigger impact is made if you’re first.

Do the unexpected.  Stand out from the crowd.  Sometimes it only takes five minutes.



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