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The Problem with Facebook

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Don’t get me wrong, Facebook has its place.  It’s a good way to stay in touch with friends and family you don’t email or call on a regularly. Looking at photos is fun too.

Other than that, Facebook is a time waster and nothing more. You reached Level 42 in Farmville?  My new hero. I occasionally find myself spending 1-2 hours a day on FB. Sadly, that still puts me on the low-end of time spent by Facebook users.

The term “friends” on Facebook is also pretty subjective.  Do you really have 1,000 friends?  Doubtful. I actually went through an exercise where I defriended a bunch of people simply because I don’t talk to them anymore. It was nothing personal, comparable to donating clothes you don’t wear anymore. Within minutes I got an email from a former Facebook friend asking how I could do such a thing. Wow.

There is also the valid privacy/security concerns among Facebook users. It’s important to realize that Facebook is sitting on a treasure trove of information that companies would love to have. If Facebook is really worth an estimated $100 billion (they’re not), there has to be something of substance there – and it’s you.

Wasted time, weirdos, security breaches and corny apps don’t compare to the worst feature of Facebook: Lame posts.

Remember AOL Instant Messenger?  The popularity of this program was sky-high when I was in college.  See if you remember this classic away message:

Class, class, lunch, meeting, gym, class, back at 5! 

I probably posted that away message hundreds of times in college, along with thousands of other AOL users. What I really should have said is:  “I am a loser.” If that wasn’t bad enough most of us had corny quotes and love messages to our girlfriends of three months in our profiles. I still shudder at the thought of what I used to have in my profile. Luckily my friends still like to remind me from time to time.

Well, AOL away messages are back. This time in the form of Facebook profile posts.

Our friends are quick to tell us how they’re feeling or what they’re doing today.  Doing laundry? Heading to the grocery store? Upset with a spouse?  Feeling sick? Kid acting up?  Please, tell us more.

My wife shared a great quote with me from @FashionweekNYC on Twitter.

Fun Fact: Twitter makes me like people I’ve never met & Facebook makes me hate people I know in real life!


Let us all try to keep our posts interesting and productive. Facebook is like anything else, good in moderation.

Now please excuse me while I post this on Facebook.


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Gadgets Ruining Your Sleep?

Perhaps this is why I’ve been sleeping so poorly lately.

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Twitter Was Act One

Interesting article in Vanity Fair with Jack Dorsey, inventor of Twitter:

Jack Dorsey in NYC

Takeaways: Successful people are generally optimists.  Follow your passion.  Managers must explicitly communicate with their team.

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