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BFL – Week 3 and 4 Updates (Falling Off the Wagon)

Remember that feeling on Thanksgiving when you’re stuffed to capacity and want to die because you ate so much and won’t stop cursing yourself for being so stupid?

Welcome to Weeks 3 & 4 of my Body for Life experience.  In Week 2, I mentioned two upcoming obstacles:  A trip to Alabama for a visit with the in-laws and my brother-in-law’s wedding, followed by a family getaway in the Catskills for Memorial Day Weekend.  The temptation would be immense and any sort of routine would be non-existent.

I had originally anticipated combining Weeks 3 & 4 because I was traveling so much, had infrequent access to the internet and was feeling lazy.  However, the main reason is that it was simply too depressing to write about how bad the last two weeks have been.  One post is more than enough.  Let the fun begin.

Week 3

It would be easy to blame Week 3 solely on my trip to Alabama, but if I’m being honest, I started slipping earlier in the week.  Besides, I didn’t even fly out until Thursday morning (my BFL weeks start on Monday).  A few chips here, a soda and beer there and the stage was set for Thursday’s apocalypse.

By the way, do you know how difficult it is to find healthy food at airports?  While I did find a stand where I could get a yogurt/fruit thing at JFK (see I was trying), I couldn’t find anything healthy in my terminal as I waited for my connecting flight at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  So, I settled on the second best option:  Wendy’s.


There is psychology behind this choice.  After a couple of loops around the terminal, I felt I had put in the necessary work to find something healthy to eat and thought I could award my efforts with the lesser of all evils.  I’ll show this airport and buy a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit.  That’s right!

By the time I touched down in Huntsville, the inner voices were already whispering:  “Pack it in, Mars.  You already had Wendy’s.  Just let it happen.”

For context, my in-laws live about 40 minutes outside of Huntsville and all activities were Huntsville-based so that leads to a lot of driving and meals on the run.  Within two hours of landing I was at the delicious Momma Goldberg’s with the groom and my father-in-law for lunch.  Instead of just shrugging off a bad morning, everything went downhill from there.

I did not take it meal by meal, like I described in my Week 2 post, I simply said:  “It’s over; you may as well just eat whatever you want now.”   And that’s what we all do, don’t we?  We just mentally pack it in and say we’ll start over next week.

By Friday, I had completely reverted back to my old eating habits.  It’s amazing how much can change in just a few days.  It’s fascinating, actually.  The psychology behind healthy living is very interesting and I didn’t really pay attention to it until now.  I mean, it’s not hard to figure out what we need to do to lose weight:  Eat less, Exercise more.  Two things, that’s it.  But implementing those two things involves much, much more.  Moving on to the big weigh-in:

Week 3 weigh-in on Friday:  229 (+8 from the previous week).

My first reaction was:  “Waaaaaaaaaaa.  This isn’t the same scale, so there must be something wrong.”  But it was one of those doctors’ scales, similar to what I use at my gym back home.  I checked everything out and accepted 229 as my official Week 3 total.  Gulp.

While my eating took a nosedive, I did manage to get some workouts in.  On Friday my wife and I went for a 4-mile run and the day of the wedding I did 20 minutes of sprints and 70 push ups.  However, 4 miles isn’t going to combat a chicken biscuit breakfast and Oreo milkshake from Chick-fil-a.  Don’t judge, it’s the best 1,000 calories you’ll ever consume.

Week 4

By Week 4, I had completely stopped tracking everything and was in my old habit of eating just to eat.  Tuesday was a travel day, so I faced my evil nemesis Hartsfield-Jackson again.  With my wife in tow we took a loop in a different terminal with the same result.  My reaction this time?  A Mexican restaurant for some guacamole and Coronas.  What?  There are avocados in guacamole and limes in Coronas….

While I ate better Wednesday-Friday, it was still far much worse than I normally would during BFL.  Again though, I did get some workouts in.  One upper body lift, one cardio run and I participated in a full-body conditioning workout at my gym on Friday.  This workout was punishment for the previous two weeks.

Week 4 weigh-in on Friday:  227 (-2 from previous week).

I’m down two pounds, but have six more to go until I pull even with my Week 2 weight.  I’ve essentially blown half of my time on Body for Life and there’s no way I can have a relapse like this again.

Memorial Day Weekend was no different:  three free days in a row!  Week 5 is up next and I intend to make it much better.



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